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July 06 2015

There´s a difference between "glorifying unhealthy obesity" and "not bullying people for being obese". Also, negative health effects of obesity are significantly decreased if the person works out regularly, which you don´t see. This is one more reason why looking down on obese people whose situation you don´t know is not only insulting and demeaning, but also unwarranted.

Oh and if you just thought "another butthurt fat guy"- my BMI is 23, I just work at a clinic that offers a health program for obese people.
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Ich kam.
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Don't kill yourself, please.

If you are looking for a sign to not go through with ending your life, this is it. This is the sign. We care.

If you see this on your dash, reblog it. You could save a life

Science is not a way of explaining things, it's a way of describing them.
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Give us your money!

As some of you may know, we’ve been operating with the help of business angels for the last eight years, but this situation has now come to a (quite foreseeable) end. However, we’ve struck a deal for the coming year with our awesome hosting partner that allows us to … well. not pay hosting, and instead work on Soup.

And the first thing we’re gonna do is generate some revenue. We tried it for a bit by placing ads, but feedback was basically “please let us try and give you money first” - well, here we are :) asking you for money. Not to pay hosting (that’s taken care of for the next 12 months) or acquire hardware (we’re kinda sorta OK on that end), but to actually continue developing Soup further.

There are a lot of nice and very capable people that have offered to work on Soup, but without a minimal amount of compensation this would basically be slave labour. Well intentioned slave labour, but still.

So, give us money, it will go to minimum-wage code heroes, designers and maybe some merchandise (depending on how many of you splurge on the infinity package).

What we are planning on doing with your money:

- Improve the bookmarklet and fix displaying iframes on /friends and /everyone (already in progress with the money @testkitchen users spent - thanks!)

- Improve speed

- Better blog customization

- More imports (bring youtube back)

- Maybe a twitter export?

- Mobile reader

- What can you think of? Buy a year of Soup ●UP and let us know at team@soup.io!

What we’re not planning on doing with your money:

- Ads - this is budgeted separately and has basically been paid for (a last act of good will from the investors). But the less effort we have to put into ads because you guys shower us with money, the more we can put those resources back to user oriented improvements. Also, the development cycle will profit from not having to think of everything in terms of "will this be good for ads".

Oh, and if you always wanted to work on Soup, feel like you don’t need to make a living out of it, maybe are interested in a bit of equity (long term vesting scheme), are interested in thinking about great solutions for an incredible user base, are not afraid of re-factoring old and crummy design patterns into future-proof and scalable modules, and have a solid (or at least aspiring) background in one or more of: Java/Coffeescript, RoR, twisted python, SQL, caching patterns, design, UI/UX engineering, work queues, HTML5, … then let us know via team@soup.io or visit us in #soup.io on irc.freenode.net (someone is hogging #soup.io…).

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If you took our two good male characters Max and Nux out of the movie, Furiosa and the girls (and to a lesser extent the Vuvalini) would still have motivations and character development and narrative arcs. But if you took the women out of the movie, the men aren’t left with a plot of their own. THIS IS INCREDIBLE TO COMPREHEND. I have spent complete minutes lost in wonder at how rare this is to find in any movie, especially a big explosiony one. Without Furiosa, without the women she is freeing and the women she is returning to, who raised her to be the woman she is, this movie just does not exist.

A Very Long Post On Fury Road’s Feminism (x)

Fuck Yeah Diomedes - If you took our two good male characters Max and...
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Chun-Li's Lightning Kick Cosplay *ω* <3
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July 05 2015

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